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The Project


Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time – Thomas Merton

Hilltop view from the proposed site of the Plett Art Centre

Hilltop view from the proposed site of the Plett Art Centre

A spectacular hilltop site with an outstanding view of Plettenberg Bay has been targeted as the location for the Plett Art Centre. The site is blessed with wonderful trees and two historic buildings and it is easily accessible from Plettenberg Bay town centre. It is also within close walking proximity to several main townships.

Acquiring this land and getting the Art Centre to an operational level is an important and ambitious project. It requires adequate funding and resourcing. A detailed project plan has been developed and is ready for implementation. Fund raising for the project will take place in two phases: Seed Capital Funding and Project Capital Raising.


Seed Capital – the first R 100 000

The Seed Capital of R 100 000 will be raised in order to fund the Project Capital Raising. It will fund the creation of marketing materials which will then be used in driving the Project Capital Raising, in which an amount of R 20 million needs to be raised.

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Project Capital Raising – R 20 million

Where does R 20 million go?

R 16 million will go to the purchase of the property, renovations, security, fencing, electrical work, driveways and parking areas, landscaping, equipment, etc.

R 4 million has been earmarked to subsidise operating for an initial 2 year period. After this, it is believed that the centre will be largely self-sufficient.

Should you require a detailed business plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Centre

The Plett Art Centre is a Non Profit Company, which has already been registered by Mazars. The venue will be an attraction for tourists and aside from showcasing local art; will also have catering facilities (tea/coffee shop) that will enhance the visitors’ experience of the Art Centre.

Live performances, lectures and workshops will ensure that the centre is not just a static gallery, but that it is a dynamic “living” experience that will provide cultural nourishment for all visitors.